Want to build apps on any platform? This $40 training shows you how.

For decades, cool, functioning web apps practically felt like magic. But now, people believe that with all the web creation tools out there, making an app is almost a click-and-drag affair. The reality is somewhere in between. Developing apps for all the biggest platforms isn’t impossible, but it requires thorough knowledge of specific tools to make everything work. And your work needs to make the cut, or else Apple will step in.

The 2022 Google Flutter and Solidity Development Bundle digs deep into those tools, featuring over 40 hours of instruction to help you make apps run faster, smarter, and more smoothly on every potential platform. It all starts with Flutter. With Mobile App Development with Flutter and Dart, students learn how to create apps in Google’s Flutter framework, building with a single codebase using the Dart programming language.

Once you’ve tried your hand at writing simple script, courses like The Complete Dart Language Guide for Google Flutter and Flutter with Flutter Projects on Dart Programming Language expand that knowledge, building increasingly high-performance native apps that can run on both Android and IOS devices.

This course collection also features a deep dive into Solidity, a programming language that’s similar to disciplines like Python and JavaScript but crafted explicitly for blockchain use. With Build a Decentralized To-Do Application Using Solidity and React, students get experience with all the concepts for building an app on the Ethereum blockchain. Meanwhile, Learn to Create and Sell Your Own NFT Using Solidity covers setting up new projects, deploying smart contracts, minting NFTs, then listing them for sale on OpenSea.

Each course in the 2022 Google Flutter and Solidity Development Bundle costs $200, but you can land the entire package for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change

Source : Macworld