16-Year Old Donatella Asks “What Do I Do Now?” In Beautiful Deep House Single

Donatella Petrucci is a 16-year-old singer, songwriter based in London, UK who has been singing and writing her own songs from the tender age of 8, learning piano at grade level and conquering guitar accompanied by a commercially angelic tone and perfect set of vocals. Donatella fell in love with EDM & Dance during the lockdown pandemic of Covid-19, penning her first ever single “What Do I Do Now?” after analyzing the effects of Covid across the world to families and partners. 

“What Do I Now?” is a mesmerizing single, fluttering with blissful melodies and an irresistible deep house groove. The release is coupled with a visually stunning music video, oozing with vibrant colors and meaningful lyrics that encapsulate an unforgettable experience that was all conceived by this 16 year old prodigy.

Alongside the single and video, an NFT collection will be released on Rarible, digitally immortalizing the spirit of “What Do I Do Now?” and the celebration of this debut. There’s no doubt that Donatella has a very bright future ahead of her and we cannot wait to hear more from this talented artist.

Source : Your Edm