The 20 Best Duffel Bags for Men to Haul It All

You might not see it this way at first, but the duffel bag is an understated everyday staple. Carrying it as you strut down Madison Ave to Equinox in a muscle tee and compression shorts says, “That’s right, I’ve got a six-pack”; Having it in hand as you stroll through the airport in a business ensemble says, “I have some valuable stuff inside, so back off”; And tossing it in your car trunk before heading off for the weekend escapade says, “I’m ready for whatever is ahead, coz I’ve got it all packed.”

So, yeah you get it, when you’ve got places to be, your duffel bag should be there with you. These must haves are readier then other carrying alternatives for, well, carrying stuff. They are roomier, tougher, and often boast a whole interior organizational system to meet your daily-carry demands, from kicks to clothes and even gadgets. If you think your travel backpack is qualified to haul on your day trips or a long excursion, think again. Slinging a duffel bag packed with everything you need over your shoulder is better when you just want to get there, items in-hand.

Here are 20 best duffel bags for men—for every budget and every occasion. Get a durable waterproof duffel for rough weather, or a designer leather duffel to feel like LeBron James making an entrance, or one with many pouches inside for all your gym gear. Simply throw your stuff in these duffel bags, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Best affordable Duffel Bag

Large Duffel Bag

It probably reminds you of the gym duffel the jocks in your high school used to carry around as a token for being popular. But since you’re probably too grown for that, simply use it as a fitness-ready duffel that’s also travel-friendly. Because it is.

Best Small Duffel Bag

Classic Duffle Mini

Topo Designs

Topo Designs has managed to build a niche cachet among the mountaineering circle despite only having over a decade to its name. (It certainly helps that it was born in Colorado.) And its color-blocked mini duffel brings a 1970s-inspired vintage flair to your outdoors carry.

Best Duffel Bag for Gym

Atlas Duffle

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon hasn’t been playing the “reinventing menswear basics” card for too long, but it’s already made its way to the top by doing nothing other than making better-quality items. And we’re booting its Atlas Duffel with insulated and ventilated compartments that can keep your smelly wet gym stuff in check.

Most Durable Duffel Bag

Legacy 25-Inch Utility Duffel

Carhartt, the hunky sex symbol of menswear brands, makes workwear hot and bothered again. Its bags are nine times out of ten tough-as-nails and this one is available in a macho khaki brown. Hence, this duffel is truly ready for whatever it’ll face on the go, just like you.

Best Classic Duffel Bag

Novel Duffel Bag

$90 at herschel

You simply can’t escape it. Herschel’s old-time, nostalgic logo, that is. The brand just makes good bags. And we’re partial to the Novel duffel because it gets it right. From the side access to padded shoulder strap, it also comes so many colors and sizes.

Most Ingenious Duffel Bag

The Garment Duffel

This is a damn innovative duffel, one we have to say is the “jack-of-all-trades” bag. Basically, you lay it out flat first like a garment bag to neatly pack your finest pieces, then simply fold the whole thing over and zip it into shape to create a duffel bag roomy enough for casual clothes, accessories, and even shoes.

Best Duffel Bag for Camping

Base Camp Voyager Duffel

The North Face

The North Face’s entire duffel collection is primed for camping. This one is our pick as it’s designed with holding camping gear in mind to be extra-rugged and expedition-friendly.

Most underrated duffel bag

Lite Duffel

$119 at bellroy

Bellroy’s latest foray into the carryon world is not to be glossed over—seriously, where’s the hype? It is dumbfoundedly lightweight but can fit—and organize—an entire cavern. Here’s to hoping some celeb will pick it up and turn it into a sleeper hit.

Best Waterproof Duffel Bag

Waterproof Duffel Bag

Rains should be one of the first brands you check for waterproof accessories—which makes the brand name quite ironic. Its duffel bag in that roughing-it tube silhouette will guard all electronics and fabrics within. Size down or up if you like.

Best Duffel Bag Design

Command the Day Large Duffle Bag

Because nothing commands you to hit the gym quite like a Lululemon duffel when the temp is searing, skin-showing becomes daily, and your summer bod is still not ready. But feel free to take the Command the Day duffel straight from Equinox to World Trade Center to Upstate, of its divided space and optimal build.

Duffel bag with the most pockets

Landon Carryall Bag

Dagne Dover

We’ll do the math for you: Dagne Dover’s Landon has 5 x 5 = 25 options (excluding limited editions), from XS in “dune” to XL in “storm”. There’s got to be one combo in the mix that’ll suit your duffel needs. They’re stretchy and washable, too.

Best-looking duffel bag

Waxed-Canvas Duffel Bag

Most rugged duffel bag

Medium Dry Duffle Bag

If your bumpy outing involves kayaking at a lakeside cabin upstate or fending off crocodiles elsewhere, consider strapping onto Filson’s fully-waterproof, no-BS duffel that is as badass-looking as its is badass-functional.

Best duffel bag for commuting

Metro Duffel

Best convertible duffel bag

Remus Duffle Bag

Caraa’s convertible duffel is so versatile that we proclaimed it as one you can take everywhere. The nylon plus Italian leather facade is a sleek upgrade to sporty canvas, but it’s still a duffel at its core, so it can stow your gym, tech, work, and fashion stuff, no sweat.

Best duffel bag for outdoors

Panga Waterproof Duffel

Should you want to brave Mother Nature, no weather element—torrential downpour, wind storm, or blizzard—can prevent Yeti’s Panga from holding and protecting your stuff. It’ll be their fortress—waterproof, nigh-impenetrable, 75-liters, all that.

Best Duffel Bag for Traveling

Mason Duffel

Tumi’s Mason fits the flying-first-class theme like no other. You can just bring it and nothing else, since it’s sized to pack the essentials for your business trip to London. But if you’re heading to vacation in Hawaii, Mason will sit nicely atop your luggage.

Best leather duffel bag

Utility Duffle

All the way from Motown, it’s Shinola, the brand whose watch is good enough for the POTUS, and whose leather craftsmanship is good enough for you. Its Utility Duffle fuses easy-to-use silhouette with matte-luster leather, and that’s more than anyone can ask for.

Most showy duffel bag

Monogram-Print Duffle Bag

For a little oomph, what better than a fully monogramed duffel to make you look like David Beckham or Huge Jackman leaving the airport and heading to car in a designer logo-ed duffel? Sans the annoying paparazzis, of course.

Best luxury duffel bag

Off The Grid Duffle Bag

Rounding it off with Gucci. This one’s from Gucci’s first sustainable collection, Off The Grid, made with regenerated and responsibly-sourced materials, giving you a reason to flaunt the “GG” without the guilt. But if you don’t care at all, feel free to branch out.

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