Buldix Pro helps design web pages with zero coding in no time. It’s also over 90% off.

Website builder apps have to walk a thin tightrope. They need to have all the advanced features and customization options that a user needs to build a cutting edge website capable of standing  shoulder-to-shoulder with other elite web experiences. But it also needs to be simple enough that a novice designer with no coding experience can pick it up easily and get a site built without investing hours of their time.

Buldix Pro handles that highwire act beautifully, offering a full range of website additions and visual flourishes for an appealing modern website without bogging down first timers in programming snags and other hurdles they don’t want.

The streamlined experience starts with Buldix’s thorough array of professionally designed page templates, blocks and other graphic elements. With dozens of page options and robust add-ons, even inexperienced users can quickly drag and drop pieces on to a new page design and get the whole thing up and running in a matter of minutes. 

Each was also engineered to work seamlessly together, so users will never have to dig into page code to figure out why something doesn’t work as expected. Buldix’s high-quality components keep it simple, while still offering more experienced creators HTML, CSS, and JS editors for giving page code an expert tweak when needed.

Users don’t need to worry about optimizing their sites for search engines because Buldix Pro has built-in SEO features, embedding the right keywords and configuration requirements for a site directly into your build so the new page is ready to immediately climb Google search rankings.

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Buldix Pro also includes fast FTP support when it’s time to publish, as well as a custom domain function to directly link a custom domain to the project and host the website.

With a lifetime subscription to a Buldix Pro Premium Plan, users can create unlimited projects while saving over 90 percent off the regular retail price. Usually a $990 value, you can get full Buldix Pro access for life for just $59 with this offer.

Prices are subject to change

Source : Macworld