PREMIERE: 44 Ardent Drops Mesmerizing Single “intothedeep” via Mammal Sounds Records

Self describes as a “sonic journey through time and space“, 44 Ardent truly has a gift at creating cinematic soundscapes with intriguing arrangements that make for songs that will truly stand the test of time. We are so excited to premiere his latest single, “intothedeep,” the title track off the forthcoming EP slated to release in August, signed to Mammal Sounds Records.

“intothedeep is probably my favourite song on the whole record. I was a bit self-indulgent with the synths and the sound design on this one and didn’t hold back! – 44 Ardent

Yet again, 44 Ardent delivers a mesmerizing single, glistening with bright melodies and a mesmerizing groove that can’t help but leave you hooked the whole way through. 44 Ardent adds:

The song sort of sucks you right in with a wall of sound as soon as the drum fill hits and then it spits you back out for a little bit before a totally different wall of sound at the one-minute mark. I’ve mentioned previously that the EP is loosely themed around climate change. I suppose this is the “ocean” song. I can imagine it being played with a powerful stormy ocean in the background.” 

Listen below!

Source : Your Edm