Macworld Podcast: Your hot takes on the MacBook Pro and USB-C

On this episode of the Macworld Podcast, it’s all about your hot takes! You have thoughts on the MacBook Pro and we’ll respond to your thoughts on the show!

This is episode 799 with Jason Cross, Michael Simon, and Roman Loyola. 

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Your hot takes

M2 Mac laptops face off 

Our first set of hot takes is about a Twitter poll that we posted. We asked, ‘If you had $1,500 to spend on a Mac laptop, which one would you buy, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, or the new MacBook Air?” A vast majority of you–about 72 percent–voted for the MacBook Air.

MacBook Air M2 (2022)

Lightning strikes out 

It seems like USB-C is going to be replacing Lightning on the iPhone and iPads. The European Union passed legislation that standardized USB-C, and the US is working on similar laws. So Apple needs to get with the program and switch. Macworld readers have interesting thoughts on this.  

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