Tom Cruise turned 60 the day before America’s birthday and it feels right

While “Top Gun: Maverick” cruises the top of the box office, the film’s star spent part of his birthday at the British Grand Prix F1 race.
Not only has Cruise raced a few cars himself, but he is also good friends with race car driver and champion, Lewis Hamilton.
Some of his famous friends wished Cruise a happy birthday on social media.
Happy 30th anniversary 'Top Gun'!
“Mission Impossible” director Christopher McQuarrie and “Maverick” co-star Glen Powell both posted a photo that appeared to show Cruise, who is known for performing his own stunts, hanging off a plane mid roll.
“This is 60.TC, there is just no one like you,” Powell tweeted. “Keep hangin’ in there. Happy Birthday!@TomCruise.”
His legendary “Top Gun” costar Val Kilmer also sent some birthday love.
“Happy Birthday Mav @TomCruise from Ice!,” Kilmer tweeted.

Source : Cnn