Tomorrowland & Eric Prydz To Bring HOLO To Ziggo Dome In Amsterdam

Eric Prydz shows have always been more than just about the music, but the whole, encompassing experience. From his EPIC shows to his HOLO shows, he and his team always bring the most innovative and creative technology and advancements in live show programming and set design to the table.

Now, Prydz and Tomorrowland are teaming up to bring HOLO to the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, at approximately 17,000 capacity.

The announcement reads: “Prepare for an incredible holographic show with state-of-the-art visuals and light effects, resulting in an immersive experience the world has never seen before.”

Attendees can expect a massively updated visual and lighting experience from this show, especially with Tomorrowland in the mix. Pre-sale begins this Wednesday — find out more here.

Photos Credit: Antonio Pagano

Source : Your Edm