Gain valuable data visualization skills with these $39 training courses

Data rules everything around us in 2022, and companies that know how to use it can reach more customers, land more sales, and make smarter decisions. But gone are the days when Excel alone would suffice for large data sets. These days, analysts use powerful tools like Python to visualize data, and this 7-course training bundle can introduce you to them.

The 2022 Big Data Visualization Toolkit Bundle covers popular tools such as Alteryx, Tableau, R, and more. The courses are presented by the expert instructors at StreamSkill, an offshoot of Simon Sez IT that produces high-quality educational material to teach students computer and software skills. It’s mentored over 1 million students in over 180 countries to date. 

As mentioned, Python is a powerful data visualization skill, and the training collection includes one course on how to use Pandas, a Python library, for data analysis and manipulation. You’ll discover how to organize, preprocess, and format your data efficiently. R is another popular programming language used in big data, and one of the courses covers concepts such as vectors, arrays, loops, functions, and more.

Take your data manipulation skills to the big leagues with the 2022 Big Data Visualization Toolkit Bundle, on sale today for $39. 

The 2022 Big Data Visualization Toolkit Bundle – $39

Learn How to Analyze Data

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Source : Macworld