An Ace Polo and More of This Week’s Best Menswear Releases

I have always been a fan of the word “penultimate.” Not only does it roll off my tongue, it also means that the end is in sight. This is where I am in my home improvement journey: the clutter has been cleared, the carpet removed and the hardwood floors underneath buffed, the drywall demolished and then erected, and the paint (I landed on seafoam green) is currently drying. All that is left is a few ceiling patches and the floor sides. It’s definitely been a rewarding experience—one that has taught me a lot about myself. I still have maybe a week of work, but once everything is finalized, I know I will come out a better person.

Speaking of becoming a better person, this week’s menswear releases are chock full of pieces that’ll upgrade your personal style. If you’re going on a style journey and are looking to improve your wardrobe (much in the same way I did my home), you just have to check a choice chore jacket from Huf and Haroshi. It’s a beauty, and has a back panel that’ll remind you to seek happiness with a capital H. There’s also Ralph Lauren’s new collection for the upcoming US Open Tennis Championships; the colorblocked polo is an ace. Adsum has a tasty cargo bag in sweet lemongrass. COS has an oversized shirt that’s a sartorial problem-solver. And for the young-at-heart, both Clarks and Billionaire Boys Club have collections in collaboration with Pokémon. Who doesn’t love Pikachu, really?

No matter what phase you’re in on your odyssey—whether you’re at the start, the penultimate stage, or the very end—be open to new possibilities. Try something new, even if it’s not the safe choice. Like a lemongrass tote or Pokémon sweater.

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US Open Ball Crew Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren

Lemongrass Cargo Tote

Wallabee Boot

Clarks x Pokémon

Reversible Sweater

Billionaire Boys Club x Pokémon

Oversized-Fit Printed T-Shirt

Embroidered Logo Baseball Cap

Starter Breakaway Jacket

Secant Heavyweight Trackpant

PMA Chore Jacket

Huf x Haroshi

Rad Shorts

Classic Crush Sandal

Barry Samaha is the style commerce editor at Esquire, where he covers all things fashion and grooming.

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