KEETZ Drops Brooding, Electro-Tinged Production, “Blight” [LISTEN]

KEETZ follows up his Terminal EP strong with the project’s grittiest cut to date, “Blight.”

This particular production has remained one of KEETZ’s best kept secrets until now. A hidden gem lurking in the shadows just waiting to be unleashed — and that day has finally come.

“Blight” thrives in a grungy, electro house realm. The first drop is simple yet effective, featuring a clean, pumping kick matched with persistent synth work, a killer bassline, and various intricacies to fill out the mix. Suddenly, a new lead introduces itself and bleeds seamlessly into the production, ultimately arriving full force for a thrilling finish. The contrast from one drop to the next makes for a compelling listen.

KEETZ shares some background on the release:

This song is easily one of my favorite tracks I have finished so far. I’ve always been really proud of it! I wrote this a couple summers ago when I was listening to Porter Robinson’s Ultra set from like 2011. That mainstage electro feel is something I have a lot of nostalgia for and I can vividly remember listening to that mix back in highschool and being so inspired by it. At the time I couldn’t wait until my production was at that level so I could make tracks inspired by those sounds. The track itself actually came together pretty quickly, however I went back and revised the breakdown numerous times to try and really make something memorable and unique. Every producer I know has a couple songs of theirs that once completed made them feel like they hit a ‘production milestone.’ That was ‘Blight’ for me.

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KEETZ – Blight

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