Ryan Giggs trial – latest court updates

‘Goodbye Ryan, it’s been extremely emotional’: Court hears Kate Greville’s ‘final goodbye’ letter to Giggs

The court hears Kate Greville messaged a friend saying her sister Emma was “unhappy” about her staging a photo for a newspaper following Ryan Giggs’s alleged assault.

Ms Greville tells her friend her sister thinks it is “immoral”. 

The court hears Giggs’s mother messaged Ms Greville asking if she was okay after a story appeared in the press.

“Not really, burst into tears before I even got out of bed,” Ms Greville wrote.

The court details of Ms Greville’s letter she wrote to Giggs called “the final goodbye”.

In the letter, she branded Giggs a “compulsive liar” and “serial cheat”.

“I wanted to believe the things you told me,” she wrote.

“I stayed loyal and committed to you, no matter what.

“I think you underestimated my ability to find things out.”

Ms Greville then listed women she claimed that Giggs was having “full-on” relationships with during the course of their relationship.

She said she knew Giggs was “sending dirty messages about threesomes” to one woman and that he had seeing a woman who is now married to a cricketer.

“I haven’t brought this up to your face because you’d just tell me lies,” Ms Greville wrote.

“You will never lie to me or cheat on me again.”

Ms Greville wrote that she wanted to keep Mac the dog and accused Giggs of “arrogance” and a “lack of respect” towards her. 

“If you want to be happy with someone, don’t lie and don’t cheat,” she wrote.

“Goodbye Ryan, it’s been extremely emotional.”

Source : Sky Sports