Queen’s state funeral – Sky News updates

Those in the South of England may face travel disruption throughout Monday as the Queen’s funeral takes place in London and Windsor.

Significantly, more than 100 of Heathrow Airport’s flights have been cancelled to avoid aircraft disturbing the funeral.

The airport said it wants to ensure the skies over London will be quiet during the two-minute national silence as the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey nears its end shortly before noon.

No flights will be allowed to take off or land from 15 minutes before the silence starts until 15 minutes after it ends.

Departures and arrivals will also be halted during the arrival of the funeral cortege and procession at Windsor Castle, and diverted around the castle during the private family service on Monday night.

British Airways – the most-affected airline – will cancel 100 short-haul flights due to the restrictions. Virgin Atlantic said it will cancel four flights.

Meanwhile, Transport for London (TfL) said most Tube lines will remain open for an additional hour until about 1am on the night of the funeral, to ensure people can “travel around the capital safely”.

On the roads, National Highways will pause any planned closures of motorways serving London until after the funeral.

Martin Fellows, who is leading the organisation’s planning for the mourning period, said some of the worst potential congestion hotspots on motorways are the M25 and roads feeding into London such as the M1, M3, M4, and M11.

Source : Sky Sports