These are the bands you can buy for your new Apple Watch Ultra

The new Apple Watch Ultra comes in a new 49mm size, the biggest watch in the lineup. Apple also introduced three new bands that are being marketed in conjunction with the Ultra–these bands even have prominent placement on the Apple Watch Ultra website.

They’re pretty cool—and functional—bands, but are they only for the Ultra? And do you really have only three band choices for the Ultra? What if you have a favorite band and you want an Ultra–will it work with it?

So many questions about watch bands and the Apple Watch Ultra, and the answers aren’t obvious on Apple’s website. To see the compatibility explicitly explained, you have to visit the Apple online store, look at a watch band, and click on the “See compatibility details” link on the product page. Or you can just keep reading.

The lowdown on band compatibility.


What Apple bands work with the Apple Watch Ultra?

The Apple Watch Ultra can use any bands made for 49mm, 45mm, and 44mm watches.

If you are looking at a band in the online Apple store and it doesn’t show a 49mm size compatibility but it does show 44mm or 45mm, it should work with the Ultra.

If you already have 44mm/45mm bands you want to use with the Ultra, keep in mind that it’s a bigger watch that will affect how the band fits around your wrist. For example, bands that stretch to fit and do not use a buckle, button, latch, or some other method to connect ends (like Apple’s Solo Loop) might not conform to your wrist as they do with the regular Apple Watch. But they technically are compatible.

Specifically, these watch bands work with the Apple Watch Ultra: Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop, Sport, Nike Sport, Leather Link, Milanese Loop, Link Bracelet. The Apple Watch Hermes bands will work as well.

Will third-party bands work with the Apple Watch Ultra?

Apple’s information about 44mm and 45mm bands fitting on the Ultra likely pertains to Apple-made bands. But third-party 44mm/45mm bands should fit the Ultra, unless that third party has altered the attachment system somehow.

You can use 49mm bands on 44mm and 45mm watches.


Can Apple Watch Ultra bands be used with other Apple Watches?

The bands marketed with the Apple Watch Ultra–Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band will work with 44mm and 45mm Apple Watches. They are $99 each in the online Apple store.

Presumably, future bands made for the Ultra should fit 44mm and 45mm watches, but keep an eye out for any compatibility disclaimers.

Alpine Loop

Trail Loop

Ocean Band

Source : Macworld