Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale: How to Shop the Best Men’s Fashion Deals Early

The inclination, at least at first, is to call this something of a Groundhog Day moment. Except that in this case, instead of Billy Murray hearing “I’ve Got You Babe” on the radio, we’re discovering that Amazon Prime Day is coming back. But then you realize that we’re not living in a potentially-thousands-of-years-long time loop—and, also, that having two different “Day” references butting up against one another gets a little awkward—and the Groundhog Day thing kinda falls apart. Maybe it’s more of a Cinderella Man moment. Or an It’s a Wonderful Life moment. Take your pick. The whole point is that we’re talking second chances, folks! So, if you didn’t take full advantage of Prime Day this past July, here’s your shot at sweet, sweet redemption.

It comes in the form of a two-day—two-day!—shopping event from Amazon that is not actually called “Prime Day” but rather the “Prime Early Access Sale,” which is certainly a name. It takes place on October 11 and 12, and it is, for all intents and purposes, Prime Day Deux. Or Prime Day 2.0. Fall Prime Day? Whatever you want to call it, it’s a bonanza of digital discounts hitting well before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales roll in.


What should you be looking out for? Well, for one thing, you’ll want to keep a very close eye on the Today’s Deals section. Beyond that, the crew here at Esquire has curated the best Prime Early Access Sale 2022 Deals below on tech and appliances, home upgrades, and Apple devices.

But that’s not all. Because if you’re here, that means you’re in the market for some top-notch menswear. And there’s a whole lot of it to be found, even now, well before the official event kicks off. Jeans, sneakers, watches, and tees! Basics and not-at-all-basics! You can find them all at mighty nice markdowns this very minute. So take a look through the best men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories to be found in Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, and keep an eye on this page. We’ll be updating it in the lead-up to the main event, and we’ll keep it current until the dust settles late on October 12. Good luck out there.

Source : Esquire