You Need a Great Body Lotion. Here Are 20 of the Best.

It is time to invest in some body lotion. Some of them moisturize. Some of them minimize itchiness. Some of them do both, and at the same damn time, no less. What the best men’s body lotions all have in common, though, is a shared commitment to making sure your skin stays operating at the peak of its powers. You’ve already prepped your face. The rest of your body deserves the same treatment, too.

Adding some much-needed skincare TLC to your grooming routine is easy enough to do, should you create an environment for that skincare that means access and use are easy. You want to build it into your routine so you never have to think about it. This is especially true for guys who tend to get dried out and itchy in the colder months. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. Find an easy, inexpensive body lotion and get a few. Put one on the edge of your shower, another by the kitchen sink. When it’s somewhere you see—strategically at the times when you need it most—you’ll barely have to think about doing anything at all.

Apply liberally, preferably twice a day and definitely after you shower. Soap scrubs your skin of moisture, so your best chance at preventing dry skin is by applying immediately after. This goes for applying after you wash your hands, too. Here are some of the best body lotions to try for yourself.

Source : Esquire