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This year, on a March evening, they were at home as usual, with Nadezhda resting and solving a crossword puzzles. Vasily was in another room, watching TV. It was quite a normal evening. “I didn’t hear an explosion. There was a hiss. I heard my wife’s scream, plaster fell, and the room was covered with a cloud of dust,” recalls Vasily.

There was a direct hit on the roof, just over the room where Nadezhda was. She was buried under the rubble and wounded in the leg. “When they started shelling, I hid under the computer desk and clung to the wall,” shared Nadezhda.

I heard an explosion, and in the blink of an eye, everything collapsed on me. I looked up – the ceiling hung over me. I began to get out from under the rubble, through the labyrinth of the collapsed roof and broken furniture, huge nails sticking out of logs. The explosion was so strong that the door to the room was shattered in two parts.

I looked around, saw the blood, I began to make my way to the bathroom, but the ceiling also collapsed in another room. Somehow, I managed to crawl and bandage my leg.

– Nadezhda

Source : Icrc