Turn your iPad into a mini iMac with this adorable magnetic stand

If you’re looking for a stand for your new iPad, there is no shortage of them available, with different designs ranging from utilitarian to uniquely elegant. If you prefer something that’s as close to the Apple aesthetic as possible, however, you can’t get any closer than Elago’s new Premium Stand.

The minimal aluminum stand is designed to mirror the 24-inch iMac—and you’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart other than the size. The stand holds all sizes of the iPad with magnets, so it’s recommended to be used with a case since none of Appel’s iPads support MagSafe. Elago’s Magnetic Folio Cases will look best—even mirroring the two-tone look of the iMac—but if you prefer to use a different model, the stand comes with a magnetic ring that will attach to the back of your iPad and connect to the stand.

Like the iMac stand, Elago’s stand has a hole to thread a cable through. The stand also allows for tilt adjustment so you can get the best viewing angle. And the iPad can be rotated from portrait to landscape positions freely. Here’s a video to see how that works.

[embedded content]

The Elago Magnetic Stand for iPads is available in gray, blue, pink, and silver through the elago site for $111 or via Amazon for $100 for immediate shipping.

Source : Macworld