Cyber Monday price drops are still coming — grab $50 off this lifetime VPN

With so much important information used online, protecting your devices and data should be one of your top priorities – and now, you can grab a secure VPN for life. Right now, you can pick up the Deeper Connect Pico Decentralized VPN & Cybersecurity Hardware + Wi-Fi Adapter for just $199.99 in our extended Cyber Monday sale – that’s almost $50 off the regular price of $248.

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This special price drop is all part of our extended Cyber Monday sale. So, if you missed Cyber Monday the first time, you can still score some great deals on top-rated products – all with no coupon needed. But you’ll have to be quick, as these price drops will only last through to 11/30. 

It’ll be a smart deal to grab this top-of-the-range cybersecurity device – not only will this price drop save you almost $50, but protecting your data, in the long run, will save you even more, especially as an estimated one in three Americans is hacked every year. The Deeper Connect Pico will keep your personal data and browsing information totally private and away from prying eyes, integrating a 7-layer enterprise-grade firewall with the world’s only decentralized VPN for ultimate online security. 

Described as “the world’s thinnest, lighting, smallest, and yet most powerful cybersecurity hardware device,” thankfully, this bullet-proof security is easy to use, too. Simply plug in this lightweight, travel-friendly security device, and you’ll be ready to safely surf no matter where you are with secure internet, anywhere, anytime. Plug and play to enjoy a fully decentralized VPN experience, which includes multi-routing, smart routing, and the freedom to stream without restrictions.

We’re also big fans of this hardware as, unlike other VPN options, this will give you secure decentralized VPN access for life with no annual fees or subscriptions. Grab it now and enjoy online peace of mind for, well, ever. 

Plus, it comes highly recommended by experts. The Deeper Connect Pico has been featured in respected tech publications such as Mashable and Digital Trends. 

Get the Deeper Connect Pico Decentralized VPN & Cybersecurity Hardware + Wi-Fi Adapter on sale for $199.99 until 11/30 (reg. $248). 


Deeper Connect Pico Decentralized VPN & Cybersecurity Hardware + Wi-Fi Adapter – $248

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Source : Macworld