Afrojack and Chico Rose Team Up For Catchy House Tune “Alone Again”

Afrojack and one of his main proteges, Chico Rose, are back with another infectious house single, “Alone Again.” Showing off their production versatility, “Alone Again” is a catchy-as-hell house track with a bouncy bassline during the drop. “Alone Again” also features top notch vocals from Mougleta that everyone can relate too.

The two Dutch DJs first collaborated back in 2016 on “The Great Escape” when Chico was going by Ravitez. The two have been close collaborators ever since. After rebranding as Chico Rose, he and Afrojack released “The Bass” in 2019, a towering festival anthem that still goes hard in Afrojack’s sets. “Alone Again” also marks the first time that Chico Rose has been the main artist on a collab between him and Afrojack.

Check out the latest from Chico Rose, “Alone Again” featuring Afrojack and Mougleta, out now on Spinnin’.

Source : Your Edm