The 16 Best Ski Jackets to Wear For a Day on the Slopes (or on the Streets)

Here’s the thing about ski jackets: What makes them great for barreling down a snow-covered mountain—while you kinda regret barreling down a snow-covered mountain—is exactly what makes them great for any old wintertime activity. At the very least: venturing outside when it’s cold out. If ski jackets can protect the season-pass lovers amongst us, they can protect those of us who are just trying to get some coffee, too.

The expansive world of alpine sports equipment has its high-performing, tech-y credentials tested in the the coldest of cold conditions so that they know people wearing their stuff in the snow don’t freeze. You could even argue that the ski jacket paved—or, ah, shredded—the way for the type of tricked-out outerwear stylish dudes are going wild for today.

In this lineup, we’ve collected ski jackets that are functional, first and foremost. You tell me how much you’re thinking about how good your ski fit is when you’re rocketing down a mountain in 5-degree weather. But, fair enough, if you think about that fit a lot, there are some higher-end takes that are warm and insulated but also make for an après look you’ll actually want to wear. (Some ski pants to go with, too.)

Either way, you’re going to need a layer that’ll stave off the wind and keep out the cold while simultaneously ensuring you don’t overheat while you’re slaloming down the slopes and/or when that patio heater gets going in earnest. Opt for a super-sleek, streamlined number or lean all the way into the look and cop yourself the luridly colored ski jacket of your childhood dreams. See you on the slopes. Or at the bar after.

Source : Esquire