The Apple Watch Ultra is again rumored to get a next-gen microLED display

When the Apple Watch Ultra arrived last year with a 49mm display, it was Apple’s biggest watch yet at a full 4mm larger than the 45mm Apple Watch Series 8. When the 2nd generation model arrives, it could be even bigger–and a whole lot better.

While Apple isn’t expected to update the Apple Watch Ultra until 2024, using the same two-year cadence as the Apple Watch SE, it could have a display that’s 10 percent larger than the current model, according to a new report from DigiTimes. While the publication has a somewhat sketchy track record, the prediction lines up with a previous report from analyst Jeff Pu.

The Apple Watch Ultra was originally rumored to have a 50mm display, so it’s possible that Apple decided to scale back a bit with the 1st-gen model due to costs. An increase in screen size to around 50mm could be accomplished without increasing the body of the display since the watch has fairly sizable bezels compared to the Series 8.

The DigiTimes report also corroborates previous rumors of a switch to microLED displays. By switching to microLED (a technology that hasn’t appeared in any Apple product), the display would be thinner, brighter, and more power efficient than the current OLED screen. MicroLED could also lead to greater resolution with images that “appear like it’s painted on top of the glass,” according to a report from Bloomberg.

It’s not clear how these rumors affect the standard Apple Watch. The Apple Watch Ultra currently offers numerous upgrades over the standard model, including longer battery life, a rigged titanium body, better water resistance, and a customizable Action button.

Source : Macworld