Terrifying video shows block of flats collapse in less than ten seconds

A huge rumbling crash, screeches of buckling metal and shouts from people running away can be heard in dramatic footage of a seven-storey building collapsing in Turkey.
The tower block in Haliliye in eastern Turkey can be seen standing tall one moment, lying in ruins the next following a 7.8-magnitude earthquake on Monday – one of two to hit the region.
More than 1,500 people have died, a number that is expected to rise, and thousands have been injured.
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Social media has been flooded with videos of the destruction, many showing rescuers working urgently to find any survivors trapped under debris.
Three harrowing clips show what appears to have happened to a block of flats in Haliliye in Sanliurfa province.

Image: The seven-story building was filmed from multiple angles as it collapsed during daylight hours
At the start it could be any day. The street is lined with red, white and blue bunting, perhaps as part of some sort of celebration.
On the ground floor there are shops. It looks like a car rental business and a market.
The switch from calm to catastrophe appears to be instant.
It takes less than ten seconds for the building to entirely collapse, leaving untold numbers of casualties trapped under the rubble.

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Quake: Partial collapse during rescue
Another video taken somewhere in Turkey makes clear the dangers that remain after the initial earthquake tremors, as a building partially collapses whilst emergency crews worked to save lives.
Rescuers were seen working in the rubble at the base of tall buildings when one not far away crumbled, sending huge amounts of rubble tumbling to the ground.

Source : Sky News