Democratic Republic of the Congo: The humanitarian crisis in North Kivu is escalating

Some people have had to pick up and leave multiple times owing to the incessant fighting, including thousands who have ended up in Goma. Others move back and forth, constantly adapting to security conditions that can quickly deteriorate.

Mother of six Rachel Masika, 30, says, “I took the road to Tongo, and then I made it to Kabizo, where I only stayed for a few days. Then I went to Katsiru. After that, I went to Kitchanga. But after a week, people started fleeing the city, so I walked to Sake. It took me three and a half weeks in all. It’s exhausting.”

These repeated displacements, along with the worsening security conditions, make it even more difficult to get humanitarian aid to the conflict’s many victims.

Source : Icrc