4 Well-Dressed Couples on the Secret to a Perfect Partnership

Perhaps the secret to making a lasting bond: balance. Or does it take something more? Much like a great relationship, a great fragrance is created by establishing a perfect harmony between different essences. And just as no two scents are alike, no two couples have the same story. In honor of the new fragrance duo

K&Q by Dolce&Gabbana, which share common notes of Sicilian lemon and cedarwood, we posed the question to four style-savvy couples.

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Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

They’re known as a stylish power couple, but their initial connection was simple: locking eyes at a friend’s party. Today, after 15 years together, Palermo and Huebl are more than husband and wife, the are co-workers and founders, working side by side. She recently launched her own eponymous beauty line, while he has a creative partnership with a major footwear brand.

You’ve been partners in business and love for a decade and a half—how do you make it work?

Palermo: “We’ve learned to appreciate each other, to respect each other, and to tell each other when things go wrong. It’s a constant process, and it works because we both know that we’re here for the whole of it.”

How do you complement each other?

Huebl: “Olivia’s curiosity and my attention to detail. We’ve learned to see things from each other’s point of view. That’s how we support each other. When you find the right person, of course you still have to work at finding a balance, but if they’re the right one, it becomes easier somehow.”


What makes you a strong couple?

Palermo: “We’re best friends too. And that’s what makes us strong, knowing we can always count on the other person—in life as well as in our work, whether it’s creative, business or both. It’s such a strong connection, and it’s been there so long that you just know it’s going to last forever.”

“We can always count on the other person—in life as well as in our work.”

Théo Aïto Sanchez and Rémy-Sennah Dossou

Sanchez and Dossou are content creators known on social media for their matching outfits. They live together in Paris, where they’re considered by many the undisputed champions of street style.

preview for D&G K&Q Théo Aïto Sanchez and Rémy-Sennah Dossou

How would you describe your couples style?

Sanchez: “I would say simple, elegant, and with a keen eye for detail. Clean lines and shapes, with dark or neutral tones.”

Dossou: “I agree. I’d also say a little sexy, but without being over the top.”

How much of your individual personal style goes into what you do?

Sanchez: “I definitely bring a love of structure to the table.”

Dossou: “While I bring that little unexpected twist in every detail.”


How do you keep your bond strong?

Sanchez: “When we first met six years ago, I never imagined I’d end up sharing everything with Rémy, and for so long. When we put on one of our matching looks, I feel invincible.”

Dossou: “It’s our bond that makes us strong. Being a young gay couple in an industry like [content creation] gives us the power to use our voices to tell our vision, and to pave the way for others like us.”

“When we put on one of our matching looks, I feel invincible.”

Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Harper

Shimizu is well known as the face of an iconic ’90s-era androgynous fragrance ad campaign. Harper is recognized for her “more is more” style. Shimizu won Harper over by challenging her to an arm wrestle at a party: “It was the easiest and fastest way in,” she explains. Today, the couple are perfectly in sync—not just in life, but in business too.

preview for D&G K&Q Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Harper

The first thing that comes to mind when we see you is that opposites really do attract…

Shimizu: “When we first saw each other, we instantly assumed we were polar opposites. It was only after talking and spending time together that we realized we’re both actually very similar, funny people. We never imagined we’d fall in love with someone as crazy as the other! You never know when you meet a person for the first time that they’ll be the one you spend the rest of your life with.”

To what extent does your style represent you?

Harper: “My style, as you can see, is ‘more, more, with some more.’ While Jenny feels 100 percent herself even in the simplest outfit.”


What’s your superpower as a couple?

Shimizu: “Knowing we’re both different and surprising each other. In that way, our life is never boring.”

“Our life is never boring.”

Alexandra Pereira and Ghassan Fallaha

Pereira, one of the first fashion bloggers, and Fallaha are the proud new parents of Sasha—or Sashito, as he’s known to the couple’s millions of followers on social media.

preview for D&G K&Q Alexandra Pereira and Ghassan FallahaDefault

You’re a couple in love and in work: What’s your secret?

Pereira: “We have a very strong connection, and we complement each other in a lot of different ways. And becoming parents has been the challenge, and the goal, that’s tested us most—and the one we’re so happy to have achieved.”

How do you complement one another?

Pereira: “I’m very impulsive, I tend not to think too much about things and their consequences. I always have one eye on the next big thing. Meanwhile, Gus is much more thoughtful, with his mind in the now—he always thinks long and hard on each decision. We act as a springboard for one another, as well as a safety net.”


Alexandra Pereira and Ghassan Fallaha in Dolce&Gabbana looks with K&Q fragrances

What makes you a strong couple?

Fallaha: “We truly believe that we complement one another. We each have our own role to play, but we’re different. And knowing you have someone reliable, honest, and generous that you can count on is what makes a strong couple.”

“Becoming parents has been the challenge we’re so happy to have achieved.”

K&Q by Dolce&Gabbana

Another power couple that’s both complementary and individually unique is K&Q by Dolce&Gabbana. These two sensual fragrances are designed for couples and, when worn together, help accentuate each other.


K&Q by Dolce&Gabbana

Both open with zesty Sicilian lemon and have a base of seductive cedarwood, but feature contrasting notes at the heart. In Q, middle notes of cherries and heliotrope add sweetness, while in K, juniper essence and fig milk bring a sharp yet creamy aroma.

Source : Esquire