Nutr vs. Almond Cow: We Put the Alternative Milk Makers to the Test

It really comes down to Nutr’s ability to use heat. Every other difference was more in the realm of preference. But since the Nutr can fully boil water, it’s able to blend milk to a much nicer texture, and you can even make actual alternative creams and creamers—a godsend for vegan bakers.

When running cycles, the Nutr had three options: Hot, warm, and room temperature. The hot cycle took around 15 to 20 minutes. The warm cycle took between five and 10 minutes. The room temperature cycle took about two minutes. For simple milks, like your average almond or cashew, you could blend it at room temperature, and the result would be great. But for more complex milks—think coconut because it’s more fatty, or oat because it requires rehydrating the oats—running the machine on warm provided incredible, creamy results. Time and again, we preferred the milks that we blended on warm or hot, as it just combines everything more evenly. Even though the recipe guide used the warm or hot settings for actual creamers or hot drinks, it improved the quality of milks, and was always worth the wait. Plus, that heat function means you can technically use the Nutr as an electric kettle, two machines in one.

Non-performance wise, the Nutr really shines with its looks and its size. In either color (black or white) it’s incredibly sleek, and at its size, it’s a lot easier to store than the Almond Cow. If you want to leave it on the counter, it looks good enough for that. If you want to store it in a cabinet, it’s small enough to easily do so.

So where does the Nutr fall short? Also in its size, actually. The Nutr is only big enough to blend single servings. The most milk you can ever make at one time is about 11 ounces, just shy of one cup. It’s a sustainability thing: You only make enough milk to use right then and there, no waste. For the occasional coffee, it’s totally fine, perfect even. For large recipes, or if you’re just using more than one cup of milk a week, it really gets to be a pain. Every time you want milk, you have to go through the whole process of milking. Plus, if you (like me) prefer to blend on Warm for creamier milks, you’re looking at 10 minutes of blending every other time you want a latte. You’ll never just have milk on hand, sitting in your fridge. I didn’t think this would be a huge deal, but in practice, it really was.

Still, the quality of milk that the Nutr made, its storable size, and good looks override any shortcomings.

Source : Esquire