The 12 Best Toiletry Bags Will Carry All Your Essentials With No Fuss

You may already think you’re an efficient traveler. You can eyeball your suitcase to get the weight down to the ounce, have packing cubes to perfectly arrange your clothing in

your carry-on, and even have a matching luggage set. Yeah, you think you’re a pro, don’t you? That is, until you find that the Ziploc baggie housing your toiletries has exploded. Not as cool as you thought you were, huh? Well, there’s a method to this madness.

It has many names: Toiletry bag, wash bag, and Dopp kit are a few. But the point of this handy travel accessory remains the same: To contain all your grooming essentials in one easy-to-access case. Don’t be the man that just throws brushes, toothpaste, moisturizers, and all that kind of stuff into your carry-on. It’s embarrassing, unbecoming, and you can do better.

  • Best Clear Toiletry Bag

    Lermende Clear TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag

    $10 at Amazon

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  • Maine Canvas Zip Pouch

    Best Canvas Toiletry Bag

    L.L.Bean Maine Canvas Zip Pouch

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  • The ReNew Catch-All Case

    Best Sustainable Toiletry Bag

    Everlane The ReNew Catch-All Case

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  • Chapter Dopp Kit

    Best Durable Toiletry Bag

    Herschel Supply Co. Chapter Dopp Kit

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  • Patch Logo Travel Kit

    Best Water-Repellant Toiletry Bag

    Lululemon Patch Logo Travel Kit

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Basically, if you plan traveling sometime soon, you’re going to need toiletry bag. Coming in all shapes, sizes, and styles, there’s one out there for you, and it’s calling your name. And to make this even easier for you, we’ve got the 12 best ones to get your travel organization on point.

Source : Esquire