Venezuela: Water is a precious resource for the communities we help

Water and hygiene in health centres

For health centre staff, access to water – to ensure that hygiene standards are maintained – is just as important as the availability of medicines and medical equipment. In 2022, we worked together with the authorities and health personnel to build, refurbish and repair the water systems (both supply and storage) in various centres, so that patients, in particular those who had been injured or exposed to multiple forms of trauma as a result of violence, could be treated in conditions that respected their dignity from the moment they were admitted until they could be discharged. We have improved access to water – an essential resource – and trained staff to manage it properly at the Ludovico Silva comprehensive diagnostic centre in Caracas , the public health clinics (“consultorios populares”) in the Petare Norte and La Cota 905 community of Caracas, the Domingo Luciani Hospital in Caracas, the Juan German Roscio Hospital in El Callao (Bolívar state) and the primary care centres in Puerto Páez, among others.

Santa Eduviges public health clinic, La Cota 905, Caracas/ A. Van Schermbeek/ICRC 2022

Source : Icrc