iOS 13.1: Apple confirms a release date of September 30

We’re still weeks away from the release of iOS 13, and Apple has started beta testing iOS 13.1. It’s a highly unusual move; we can’t recall Apple ever starting external beta tests of its iOS point releases well before the the prior version is finished.

This first major update to iOS 13 will bring several features that appear not to be in the initial iOS 13 release. The early timing makes us think that iOS 13.1 will be release relatively quickly after iOS 13, perhaps even by late September when the new iPhones are expected to release.

Updated 09/09/19: Apple has confirmed that iOS 13.1 will be released on September 30.

What’s new in iOS 13.1

Several of the iOS 13 features announced at WWDC in June are probably going to be missing from the initial release, and iOS 13.1 picks up some of the scraps. Here’s what it brings to the table, based on what beta testers have found so far.

Shortcuts Automations: A huge upgrade to the Shortcuts feature in iOS, Automations lets your Shortcuts run automatically when certain conditions are met, instead of triggering them manually. Make your workout playlist play when you start a workout on your Apple Watch, or turn on all your lights when you arrive home, all hands-free. 

Share ETA in Maps: When following directions in Maps, you can quickly share your estimated time of arrival with contacts.

Dynamic Wallpapers: Colors and designs of dynamic wallpapers have been tweaked, and are available on more devices.

Volume slider icons: The new volume slider shows icons of the type of device connected, such as AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, or HomePod.