This Guy Made a Video of More Than 120 Men Who Look Better Bald

Hair thinning and loss is something that affects a lot of men, and can be a source of embarrassment, insecurity, and even shame. But it doesn’t have to be.


Baldcafe channel on YouTube was created to promote positivity and confidence for guys who are balding, and one of the more recent posts shows what a difference it can make to proactively decide to own one’s baldness, and go for the shaved head look. The video comprises before and after shots from no fewer than 127 men who have taken the plunge and shaved their heads.

According to Harry James, the host of the channel, each of these before and after pictures “marks incredible turning points in all of these people’s lives.”

“This isn’t something that you need to be embarrassed about, balding and going bald isn’t just something that happens to a handful of guys,” says James. “These guys here in this video, they’ve decided to move on from it… You can see it in so many of those after pictures; the smiles, they said it all. You could literally see it in their faces.”

Wahl Professional Wahl Pro Fade Clipper

Wahl Professional Wahl Pro Fade Clipper

James has documented his own experiences of baldness on the channel, but says it wasn’t until he actually grew out his balding hair that he was able to fully face up to his anxiety around his hair loss, and start to move forward.

“I realized even with this balding hair, no one cares,” he said. “No one mentions it. No one gives a shit. And that’s just allowed me that final piece of the pie, that cherry on top. I have nothing left to fear with this damn balding hair. And that is going to allow me to rock my shaved head even more confidently.”

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