Desecrated Vatican altar purified after naked protest

A desecrated Vatican altar underwent purification after a man jumped on it naked in a form of protest against the war in Ukraine earlier this week.
An unidentified man stood on the main altar of St Peter’s Basilica, a church in Vatican City, stripping off his clothes and revealing an inscription on his back saying: “Save children of Ukraine”.

A prayer service known as a penitential rite to cleanse the holy table was conducted by Cardinal Mauro Gambetti, the basilica’s archpriest, other priests and members of the faithful.
The service, required by a set of religious regulations called Canon law, included the altar being blessed with holy water.
Mr Gambetti condemned the naked man, saying he had committed an “inappropriate, truly regrettable gesture” to bring attention to the victims of war.

Image: St Peter’s Basilica is the iconic church in the Vatican. Pic: AP
The man, who was Polish, was handed over to Italian police who issued an expulsion order requiring him to leave Italy, Vatican News reported.
A Vatican source said at the time of the incident the man had self-inflicted cuts on his body from his fingernails.

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Source : Sky News