TACPy launches campaign to promote responsible driving among youth

FIA Member Touring y Automóvil Club Paraguayo (TACPy), in collaboration with Petrobras and the Chamber of Automotive and Machinery Dealers (CADAM), has unveiled the 2023 edition of the “Responsible Youth Behind the Wheel” project.

This initiative aims to raise awareness among young people about the importance of driving responsibly and safely through educational talks held in schools and universities across the country.

The project will be supported by an innovative communication campaign that appeals to a highly engaging element for the youth: video games. Taking inspiration from the popular game GTA, the campaign seeks to generate awareness about the significance of responsible driving using a language that is comprehensible and relatable to young individuals.

This strategy proves to be effective in capturing the attention of the youth and piquing their interest in important topics such as road safety and responsible driving. For a decade now, the “Responsible Youth Behind the Wheel” project has been delivering interactive, dynamic, and audiovisual talks to young people who are approaching the legal driving age and, therefore, becoming eligible to operate vehicles.

Since 2013, six editions of the project have been conducted, reaching tens of thousands of young individuals across the nation and working in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and Sciences to reach various educational institutions throughout the country.

With this initiative, TACPy, Petrobras, and CADAM demonstrate their commitment to road safety and their concern for promoting responsible habits among young individuals who are on the verge of obtaining their driver’s licenses.

Source : Fia