Sacred Bones Announces Mort Garson’s Journey to the Moon and Beyond

Mort Garson, the late electronic composer behind the 1976 cult hit Mother Earth’s Plantasia, has a new collection of music out soon. The archival release is titled Journey to the Moon and Beyond, and it includes material Garson wrote for television, film, and advertising. It’s out July 21 via Sacred Bones. “Moon Journey,” which Garson composed for the live broadcast of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, is the first preview of the record. Listen to “Moon Journey” below.

After a 2019 reissue of Mother Earth’s Plantasia, Sacred Bones continued the campaign with four of Garson’s 1970s-era albums in 2020. Garson, who died in 2008, was an early adopter of Moog synthesizers, beginning in the late 1960s. His body of work includes standalone concept records like Plantasia, a zodiac-themed suite, novelty albums, theatrical scores, arranging for other artists, and his extensive list of commercial credits.

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Mort Garson: Journey to the Moon and Beyond

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Journey to the Moon and Beyond:

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