Ex-Coronation Street star diagnosed with dementia

Actress Julie Goodyear, best known for her role as Bet Lynch in Coronation Street, has been diagnosed with dementia.

In a statement, her husband Scott Brand said he and “his darling wife” have had to “come to terms with this heartbreaking diagnosis”.

Ms Goodyear, 81, first appeared in Coronation Street as Rovers Return barmaid Bet Lynch in 1966 and made her most recent appearance in 2003.

Mr Brand said: “Unfortunately, Julie has been suffering forgetfulness for some time and we have been seeking medical advice and assistance, but we now know that there is no hope of a reversal in the situation – and that her condition will get progressively, and perhaps speedily, worse.”

Mr Brand said he hoped by announcing Ms Goodyear’s diagnosis publicly that people would “understand”.

He added: “We have taken the decision to publicly announce the diagnosis as Julie still loves visiting friends and eating out.

“Inevitably she is recognised, and fans love to meet her – and she them – but she can get confused particularly if she is tired. I hope people will understand.”

Image: Julie Goodyear was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012

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Another soap star Barbara Windsor, who played Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders, announced publicly in 2018 she had been diagnosed with dementia.

Windsor died in 2020 and her husband, Scott Mitchell, continues to campaign and raise awareness.

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Dementia is the name for a group of symptoms associated with an ongoing decline of brain function, the NHS says.

The condition can affect memory, thinking skills and other mental abilities.

Ms Goodyear – who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2012 – is a patron of Willow Wood Hospice in Greater Manchester.

Source : Sky News