The ultimate iPhone 15 case just dropped


Why you need a case for your iPhone 15

Apple has announced its new line of iPhones, and they are both costly and beautiful – two reasons why it’s vitally important that buyers of the iPhone 15 make sure to also pick up a case. You need an accessory that protects the device against drops and scratches; works well with its features; and adds further convenient features on top. And we’ve got some strong recommendations.

The advantages of ESR’s new iPhone 15 cases

ESR’s iPhone accessories are always a great choice, and the company is launching state-of-the-art new cases perfectly designed for the iPhone 15 series. Here are their specific advantages.

Stash Stand feature, offering stable positioning in both portrait and landscape orientations, and easily adjustable viewing angles. You can even use the stand to charge your iPhone 15 while it’s in use, something that’s inconvenient or impossible with other solutions.

State-of-the-art MagSafe functionality. A more powerful magnetic lock means security of connection, and reduces the chances of dropping or losing your device. A thinner back (just 1.5mm!) means faster wireless charging: tests show ESR cases can completely charge an iPhone a full hour quicker than bulkier competitors.

Drop protection that matches or in some cases even exceeds MIL-STD-810H military-grade drop protection. Highly resistant to damage. The stand, meanwhile, is tested to last more than 3,000 uses.

Stylish design that complements the Cupertino aesthetic.

Versatility: ESR offers a range of cases and accessories to suit every user.

Value for money: ESR’s accessories are designed to provide a quality user experience without breaking the bank.

Which ESR case should you pick for your iPhone 15?

Classic Hybrid Case with Stash Stand (HaloLock). A versatile hybrid case with a convenient stand, raised-edge protection and a super-powerful 1,500g MagSafe connection. It’s now available from Amazon, starting at just $25.99.

Armor Tough Case with Stash Stand (HaloLock). With shock-absorbing Air Guard corners, a tough back case and screen guard, and protection certified to exceed military-grade, this two-part tough case is the ultimate in drop defense. Plus you still get the stand and powerful MagSafe connection. It’s now available from Amazon, starting at just $30.99.

Cloud Soft Case with Stash Stand (HaloLock). Exceptional protection and functionality combine with premium silicone materials for a better feel and enhanced grip. It’s now available from Amazon, starting at just $26.99.

Classic Hybrid Case. Secure but lightweight MagSafe-compatible case in tough acrylic. It’s now available from Amazon, starting at just $18.99.

Air Armor Clear Case Set. Ultra-protective MagSafe case with Air Guard corners, plus separate screen and lens protectors. It’s now available from Amazon, starting at just $26.99.

Screen and lens protector accessories. Defend your iPhone 15’s most vulnerable areas with tempered glass and military-grade protection. Now available from Amazon, starting at just $14.99.

Where to get the best price

ESR’s new ultra-protective cases and accessories for the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are now available and can be bought from Amazon and ESR’s official website. Macworld readers can get a handy 10% discount on Amazon only by using the code ESRPR10OFF. This code expires on 30 November 2023.

Source : Macworld