Black bear on the loose at Disney World forces parts of theme park to shut down

Parts of Disney World in Florida have been forced to shut down after reports of a black bear on the loose.
The Orlando resort’s Magic Kingdom closed a series of attractions after the bear was seen in a tree on Monday.

The animal is believed to be hunting for food ahead of the winter hibernation season.
Staff from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) are on site and working to capture he bear, Walt Disney World confirmed in a statement.
“In most cases, it is best for bears to be given space and to move along on their own, but given the situation, staff are working on capturing and relocating the bear,” the agency told Sky News’ US partner, NBC News.
The wild animal sighting saw the temporary closure of attractions including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Hall of Presidents, Liberty Square Riverboat, A Pirate’s Adventure, Tom Sawyer Island, Walt Disney World Railroad including Fantasyland, Frontierland and Main Street.
Visitors to the theme park were left facing long queues as a result of the incident.


Source : Sky News