12 Lazy Halloween Costumes So Easy You’ll Have No Excuse for Not Dressing Up

You know that drawer full of costumes you’ve worn once but you don’t want to get rid of just in case one day you need your Marty McFly vest for the Back to the Future theme party that’s never going to happen? Instead of adding to the drawer that costumes go to die this Halloween, get something easy like a T-shirt, wear it to the party, and then sleep in it for the rest of the year. Here are 12 Halloween easy costume ideas for the laziest among us.

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Sherlock Holmes Cap

Jacobson Hat Company amazon.com


For a Sherlock Holmes costume, a double-billed cap is mandatory. Magnifying glass and trench coat? Optional.

IT Classic Poster Tee

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com


We don’t know when clowns will fall back out of the culture, but until that day comes, you can rock this tee long past October.

M&M Tee

Promotion & Beyond amazon.com


Buy one of every color, pass em’ out to your friends, and you have an instant squad of everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic candy.

White Sheet

Union Hospitality amazon.com


The laziest costume of them all. Channel your inner Charlie Brown and just cut holes in a sheet.

Star Wars Red Trooper Tee

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com


The best kind of costume is one you can actually wear every day.

White Walker Mask

George Bogle amazon.com


Just become Game of Thrones is over, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring back some of your favorite Westeros memories with a commemorative… White Walker mask?

Thanos Gloves

FAIRZOO amazon.com


Hulk hands: Pretty overdone, right? Thanos hands? Now we’re talkin’.

Reflective Vest

Neiko amazon.com


Wear whatever you want, plus this. Boom! Costume.

Nerd Accessory Kit

Rubie’s amazon.com


Questions about this nerd kit: Why do nerds have scary monster teeth? Why is Harold a nerd name? Are bow-ties still nerd-chic?

Jimmy Neutron Tee

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com


You don’t have to gel your hair into an ice-cream-cone swirl, but it would make this already-sweet shirt a hell of a lot cooler.

Skeleton Onesie

BoohooMan boohooman.com


Like wearing PJs, but scary(ish).

Blue Moon Denver Long Sleeve Tee

Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com


Paired with this or this on your head, this one’s a sure winner.

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Source : Esquire