The 20 Best Scarves to Protect Your Neck This Winter

Edward Berthelot

Humans can’t stand the chilled weather of winter, but scarves surely must love it. It’s the only season when they’re not maligned as pompous and pretentious. Which means it’s also the season when out-of-work actors finally blend in with the rest of us (well, -ish), because we all need scarves around our necks to protect us from the elements. Which is why it’s so important to find one that actually looks good. (And to learn how to properly wear it). Here are 20 stylish scarves to choose from.

Solid cashmere scarf



As classic as they come. 

Cashmere scarf



A scarf is a great way to bring some color into your wardrobe. Like pink, for example.


Tartan Lambswool Scarf


For all things cold and blustery, Barbour knows best. 

Check Cashmere Scarf



Nothing says winter like a little Burberry check around your neck. 

Recycled cashmere scarf



Why not help the planet a little this winter and go with recycled cashmere for your scarf. 



Why not let Uniqlo add a bit of tech-y bio-warming to ensure your neck never gets cold. 

Wide-Rib Cashmere-Wool Scarf

Polo Ralph Lauren


For everyday wear, opt for something simple and cozy. 

TH Solid Cashmere Scarf

Tommy Hilfiger


Camel-colored jackets are great, but don’t sleep on the color for accessories, too.

Tattersall Cashmere Scarf



A tattersall check scarf can add a little life to a winter look. 

Marled Cable Muffler



Cable knit sweaters are cozy. Ditto cable knit scarves. 

Polka Dot Wool Scarf

Banana Republic


Since plaids and checks get most of the winter attention, why not try polka dot. 

Fringed Embroidered Brushed-Wool Scarf

Acne Studios


Just because it’s winter, don’t be afraid of a little color. Or a lot of color. 

Slogan print cable knit scarf

Raf Simons


While you don’t want to dip into Lenny Kravitz territory, going a little oversized on your scarf is never a bad move. 

Logo striped scarf



If your scarf has a cool racing stripe, you’ll go faster. Or so we’ve heard. 

Jura panelled wool-blend scarf

Begg & Co.


We’re always game for a scarf that feels like a blanket. 

Infinity Wool Scarf

Canada Goose


Infinity scarves leave no room for chill to sneak in. 

GG-jacquard wool-blend scarf



A Gucci monogram scarf is a a very Gucci style swerve that we gladly endorse. 

Colour-Block Cashmere and Silk-Blend Scarf

Brunello Cucinelli


It’s like two scarves for the price of (well almost) one.

Pringle Of Scotland fine knit scarf

Pringle Of Scotland


A cashmere scarf will never let you down.

Rib Cashmere Scarf

Thom Browne


We’re used to seeing Browne’s signature stripes on sweaters, but it also makes even a basic gray scarf feel high-end.

Source : Esquire