Oz towns have just six months of water left as droughts hit

Millions of Australian dollars have been set aside to transport supplies to parts of the country which have just six months worth of water left.
Forty towns, all in the state of New South Wales (NSW), have been identified to have low supplies of water, ten of which have populations of more than 500.

The water supplies for other communities in the state have been categorised as “high risk”, with local government having already committed $2m (£1.1m) to local councils to move water.
But, with demand expected to increase as the water level drops in towns across the region, the NSW government has set aside another $16.4m (£13.3m) for water to be transported and for emergency infrastructure plans.

Image: Climate change has worsened droughts, according to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology
It comes as more parts of the country face water shortages as climate change has worsened droughts, according to Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).


Air temperatures in the country have increased in the last century, meaning the damage done by droughts and fires has increased.

The country’s conservative government, led by prime minister Scott Morrison, has argued attempts to increase environmental protection would cripple the nation’s economy.

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Mr Morrison did not attend the recent climate summit in New York, telling the UN General Assembly he believed critics of Australia overlooked the country’s work on cutting down on emissions.

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Mr Morrison’s comments came after the British naturalist and television presenter Sir David Attenborough criticised the Australian government for supporting new coal mines.
The ten towns of 500+ with less than six months of water:
Cobar and Canbelego
Walgett (Raw water supply only)
Stroud and Stroud Rd

Source : Sky News