A day in the life of a volunteer paramedic in Gaza

By: Mohammed Mansour

First responders play a crucial role providing lifesaving assistance to people injured in Gaza border violence, often at great personal risk. In this photo story, Gaza-based photographer Mohammed Mansour draws an intimate portrait of a Palestine Red Crescent Society paramedic who is also his close friend. Mohammed’s story features dramatic shots of the paramedic evacuating the injured from the border, making his way through smoke and tear gas to a makeshift field hospital.

What gives it its power and depth, however, are quiet behind the scenes moments showing that people committing heroic acts remain vulnerable and human. Saying goodbye to the family, falling asleep in the back seat of an ambulance from exhaustion or sharing a moment of camaraderie sitting around a fire draw an honest and tender portrait of the life of a man who volunteers his time to do humanitarian work.

Source : Icrc