Apple TV+ original shows, series, and movies: Apple’s first in-house production is a Band of Brothers follow-up

Apple is said to be spending a several billion dollars over 2018 and 2019 on the development of exclusive original programming. That’s a lot of TV! It’s nothing compared to the $12 billion Netflix spent on content in 2018, but it’s still a very big investment.

What can you get for all that money? Apple hopes to attract some of the best talent in TV and film production, including huge stars and directors, and to lock down the television and movie rights to best-selling books. Though the company has only given us a glimpse at a handful of shows, the Hollywood trade press has uncovered many more through its reporting on deals from casting agents and production companies.

Updated 10/11/19: Variety reports that Apple’s in-house studio, to be called Masters, has its first production lined up: Masters of the Air, a series from the creators of Band of Brothers about WWII bombers.

Apple TV+ will be available on November 1, 2019, exclusively through the new Apple TV app. Apple will update the TV app in the spring with a refreshed look and a handful of new features. More importantly, the TV app will come to Roku and Fire TV this year, as well as smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, and Vizo.

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Apple will call its streaming service for original shows and movies Apple TV+. This is a list of all its content for it that we know of so far, along with details about prominent stars, directors, producers, and release dates.

Amazing Stories

There aren’t a lot of companies in the world that can announce its new streaming TV service by bringing Steven Spielberg on stage to talk about how his production company (Amblin Entertainment) is going to revive one of his favorite anthologies from his youth.

apple tv spielberg Apple

There may be no bigger name in Hollywood than Steven Spielberg.

The prominent director said, “The Amblin team and I will be resurrecting this 93-year-old brand and offering to multi-generational audiences a whole new batch of Amazing Stories. We want to transport the audience with every episode. Like the World War II pilot whose plane magically travels through space and time from the past and into the present day. Who will he meet? Can he return? Does he want to? What happens if he doesn’t?”

“It’s the universal human trait to search for meaning. So in these disconnected stories, we think the audience will find that one compelling narrative that will make the first season of Amazing Stories into a single thematic experience for them.”