The 10 Best Winter Boots for Work, the Weekend—and Everything Else

Sure, your suede sneakers have their place—but when it’s frigid outside and the forecast calls for sleet and snow, that place is the back of your closet. The colder months demand footwear that can stand up to the elements, and that means it’s time to bust out the winter boots. Of course, what we mean by “winter boots” can vary. Snow boots? Absolutely! But also work boots for the weekend, dress boots for the office, and maybe even a pair of desert boots for unseasonably mild days. Here are 10 pairs that’ll keep your feet happy in any situation.

For the Office

Wakefield Grand Chelsea Boot

Cole Haan


A sleek black Chelsea boot will never do you wrong during the workweek. And when that boot just so happens to be waterproof, too? You’ve got a winter style secret weapon on your hands.

Reiner Boot



You might want to wait for drier days to bust these out, but a pair of suede Chelseas really does work all year long. Pair them with dark denim on dressed-down days, or add a little extra refinement by wearing them with wool trousers.

Desert Boot

Clarks Originals


Another all-day-every-day hit: the desert boot. It’s sturdy enough for most winter days (sans snow and slush), and looks great with any not-too-dressy outfit for the office.

Curtis Cap Toe Boot

Shoe the Bear


If you don’t have a pair of cap-toe boots in rotation yet, it’s time to change that. The style is supremely versatile. With jeans, it feels almost laid back. But with trousers or chinos, it’s got just enough polish to fit right in with the rest of your work wardrobe.

Lucien Suede Desert Boot

Mr P.


Suede desert boots can feel a little casual. But when they’re done up in a lush hunter green, with a sophisticated shape and a substantial sole, they rocket right into luxe territory. Wear these with your nicest suit for that big meeting.

For the Weekend

Bean Boots

L.L. Bean


While we cannot absolutely guarantee these will sell out at some point this winter—the universe is full of surprises—it’s a good bet that they will. For good reason, too: They’re classic, and they keep your feet warm and dry. Act accordingly.

BL500 Boot



So good, we’ve officially endorsed them.

6″ Premium Waterproof Boot



After multiple studies over the course of decades, researchers have confirmed what we’ve suspected all along: You really can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Timbs.

Caribou Boot



When the ground is piled high with snow—or, worse, dotted with puddles of slush and muck—you need a solid, super-warm pair of snow boots. Sorel has you covered with its signature Caribou style, which is completely waterproof and lined with a heavy felt bootie.

Moc-Toe Boot

Red Wing Heritage


Red Wing has been crafting hard-wearing footwear in the U.S. for more than a century. These sturdy moc-toe boots, with a storm welt and a wedge sole, are a testament to the company’s continued legacy.

Source : Esquire