Game over! Teenager becomes first person to ‘beat’ Tetris

A teenager from Oklahoma appears to have become the first person to “beat” Tetris.

Willie Gibson posted a video on YouTube which shows the moment when the classic video game crashes as he reaches level 157.

The stunned 13-year-old gasps: “Oh my god … I’m going to pass out.”

“I can’t feel my fingers, I can’t feel my hands… I’m going to pass out,” Willie adds, as he tries to catch his breath. “I’m shaking so bad.”

It took the teenager, who goes by the name blue scuti on YouTube, just 38 minutes to cause the game to crash – which has never been done by a human.

Willie Gibson is believed to be the first person to 'break' the game
Image: The determined teen took just 38 minutes to compete the game

Tetris, which sees players manoeuvre and arrange falling blocks into complete lines which then disappear, was created by Soviet engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984.

As a player progresses, the speed of the falling blocks increases.

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It was long believed that level 29 – which introduces the fastest speed in the game – was the furthest level possible.

But as YouTuber aGameScout explains in an analysis of Willie’s achievement, someone finally hit level 30 in 2011.

Other human players have since managed to get even further but, until now, only AI computers have reached Tetris’s true ending.

Willie wrote in his YouTube video description: “When I started playing this game, I never expected to ever crash the game, or beat it.

“This run was also the Overall Score, Level, Lines, and 19 Score world record.”

Source : Sky News