Best MacBook bags, cases and sleeves 2024

Fits: 13-inch, 14-inch

While a laptop seems like a self-contained unit, with keboard, screen, trackpad, hard drive and everything all in one tidy package, it’s not quite as easy as that.

You need a charger and charging cable for starters, and when you’re on the move you have to carry around your AirPods, and maybe you prefer a proper mouse to the MacBook’s trackpad. And what if you have an iPad to work on, too? A simple sleeve can’t cope with all that lot, but the Nomad Organiser, from luxury bag maker Harber London, certainly can.

The Nomad has ten pockets: a padded one for your MacBook Pro, and another padded pocket that fits an iPad from 9.7 to 12.9 inches, and capacious enough to handle the tablet with a Smart Cover. Be warned, though, that holding both laptop and tablet, the sleeve can be tricky to close if you are stuffing in chargers and other tech too.

One lower pocket is big enough for your MacBook charger, but you’ll notice a bump in the fine lines when closed. I prefer to keep my bulky stuff in a wider-opening bag—check out our favorite tech organizer bags—and use this sleeve for the thinner essentials.

Two pockets are zipped for safe-keeping (for example, cash or memory cards) and there’s a handy key fob strap. There’s a couple of holders for pens or an Apple Pencil.

There’s a phone pocket, too, but I’m not sure I’d want all my devices in one place, and most of us prefer our phone at hand in a pocket or more-easy-to-dip-in bag. If you do, it’s large enough for a Pro Max iPhone.

Below that pocket are a couple of slots for credit or travel cards, and above it are five straps that will hold an AirPods case, cables and even an AirTag—after, all, at this price, even the sleeve on its own is definitely worth keeping tabs on at all times. I’d have preferred elasticated straps for a firmer hold but I can appreciate the all-leather design looks super lush.

You can carry the Nomad Organiser under your arm, via a subtle built-in handle, or you can attach a matching strap to sling it over your shoulder like a messenger bag.

It is a premium MacBook sleeve, handcrafted with full-grain Spanish leather, and really does shout cool luxury. Available in Tan, Dark Brown, Black and Navy.

Source : Macworld