Trump ‘willing to sacrifice democracy’ to regain power, says Biden

President Biden has said Donald Trump is “willing to sacrifice our democracy” to put himself in power again – as he spoke three years on from the Capitol riots.
Mr Trump is currently favourite to be his rival once again in November’s presidential election.

And Mr Biden launched an extended attack on his ambitions and motivations – and repeatedly referenced the 6 January riot when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building.
The President said the election would be a fight for the country’s soul and “all about whether democracy is still America’s sacred cause”.
“We must be clear. Democracy is on the ballot,” he said.

He painted Mr Trump’s re-election campaign as a backward-looking ego-trip and “all about him, not America”.
The Capitol riots in 2021 saw Trump supporters run amok amid false claims that the election had been “stolen”.

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Mr Biden called it one of the “worst derelictions by a president in US history” because Mr Trump did not intervene to end the chaos.
The ex-president is now promising “revenge and retribution” if he is elected again and his campaign has glorified the riots, Mr Biden told supporters in Pennsylvania.


Source : Sky News