‘Serial stowaway’ caught trying to get through airport security again

A “serial stowaway” has been caught trying to get through airport security again – despite getting an 18-month sentence ordering her to stay away from terminals.
Marilyn Hartman was spotted as she tried to sneak through security in Chicago’s O’Hare airport on Friday night and officers realised she did not have a ticket or identification.

According to an NBC report, police said she was “moving dividers in an attempt to circumvent security”.
It comes after she was arrested last year for sneaking on to a flight from O’Hare to London.
The 67-year-old has been sneaking onto flights for about 10 years.


She ultimately pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and was sentenced in March to 18 months’ probation after agreeing to stay away from Chicago’s two commercial airports.

According to NBC Chicago, Hartman has long struggled with homelessness and mental health, and has had multiple encounters with officials at airports throughout the US.

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In 2016, Hartman was ordered to be held in jail without bond after she walked away multiple times from a Chicago mental health facility where she was receiving treatment.
She was set to appear at bond court at 9am local time on Sunday.

Source : Sky News