Apple’s first Vision Pro ad makes strapping a giant headset to your face kinda cool

Back in 2007, Apple ran a commercial during the Oscars titled “Hello,” which featured iconic movie scenes featuring people answering a telephone to promote the upcoming iPhone launch. Nearly 14 years later, Apple has released a very similar ad for Vision Pro.

[embedded content]

The 30-second spot features well-known movie scenes where people put on goggles, masks, or large glasses and features such iconic moments as Luke Skywalker putting on his Jedi training helmet and Iron Man’s faceplate clanging shut. Here are all of the characters in the ad:

  • Young Frankenstein (Gene Wilder)
  • Carl Fredricksen (Up)
  • Hit-Girl (Kick Ass, Chloë Grace Moretz)
  • Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)
  • Mr. Fox, Mrs. Fox. Badger (Fantastic Mr. Fox)
  • Luke Skywalker (Star Wars, Mark Hamill)
  • World War I Flying Ace (Snoopy)
  • Geordi LaForge (Star Trek, Levar Burton)
  • Krabby Patty Burglar (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Tony Stark (Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr.)
  • Emmett Brown (Back to the Future, Christopher Lloyd)

The commercial ends with a woman strapping on the Vision Pro before the floating home screen appears followed by the tagline “Get Ready.” The song “Uncontrollable Urge” by Devo plays throughout the ad.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset will ship on February 2 following preorders beginning January 19. It starts at $3,499 and is exclusively available at Apple’s online and retail stores.

Source : Macworld