Emma Stone says she applies to be on “Jeopardy!” every year

A potential contestant on “Jeopardy!”: Who is Emma Stone?

At least, that’s what the 35-year-old — a superfan of the long-running trivia show — is hoping lies in her future.

“I apply every June,” Stone said in Thursday’s episode of Variety’s “Awards Circuit” podcast, adding that she’s not looking to compete on “Celebrity Jeopardy!,” an easier version of the quiz show that gives famous contestants an opportunity to earn money for their favorite charity.

“I really want to earn my stripes,” said Stone. “I would like to go on real ‘Jeopardy!'”

It’s no easy feat though. “Jeopardy!” contestant hopefuls have to apply, test and wait quite a long time to find out their fate.

“Every June, I take the quiz, and they don’t tell you how you did,” the “La La Land” actress said. “They just say, ‘We’ll let you know in the next nine to 12 months if you got on the show.'”

“And guess what,” said Stone. “I haven’t gotten on the show.”

The Academy Award-winning actress isn’t giving up though. She sharpens her trivia skills each night, in hopes she’ll hear back from the show on her next try.

“I watch it every single night and I mark down how many answers I get right,” said Stone. “And I swear, I could go on ‘Jeopardy!'”

The syndicated game show, which has been running since 1964, has contestants answer three rounds of questions that fall in six themed categories.

After the death of beloved host Alex Trebek, hosting duties have been given to former “Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings. Actress Mayim Bialik also hosted many episodes, but has since been removed from the lineup.

Source : Cbs News