Ref Watch: Burnley and Everton hit by refereeing errors

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher dissects the flashpoints from the weekend’s football.

Newcastle 4-3 West Ham

Incident: A penalty awarded after just two minutes at St James’ Park as Vladimir Coufal brought down Anthony Gordon. One – was it a foul? And two – why was Gordon not offside?

Verdict: Correct decision.

Dermot says: “I think it’s a foul. The ref spots the foul and then VAR has a look. Gordon is in an offside position but it all depends on Konstantinos Mavropanos playing the ball with his right foot deliberately and therefore under this guidance you can’t give offside and Gordon can play.

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The Ref Watch panel discuss Newcastle’s first penalty against West Ham where Anthony Gordon was fouled, but came from an offside position. Was the verdict of penalty correct?

Incident: Controversy surrounding West Ham’s second goal. Mohammed Kudus scored while Fabian Schar was down holding his face. Should Rob Jones have allowed the free-kick to be taken quickly?

Verdict: Play should have been stopped.

Dermot says: “I think the best solution here was the minute they take the free-kick to blow your whistle and say, Schar has to be assessed. Kill it off quickly.”

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The Ref Watch panel reflect on whether West Ham’s Kalvin Phillips was unfortunate to have conceded a penalty after his challenge on Gordon

Incident: Newcastle got a second penalty, Kalvin Phillips bringing down Gordon. Jones gave it after going to the monitor. Was Phillips unfortunate?

Verdict: Right decision.

Dermot says: “He’s unfortunate but he does kick him and it’s a foul. Gordon is clever and gets in front of him. The referee has to give a penalty.”

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Dermot Gallagher explains why Mohammed Kudus’ goal should not have stood after play was not paused for Fabian Schar’s head injury

Incident: Dan Burn knocked over Kudus as he tried to break into the Newcastle box and David Moyes wanted a red card. But nothing was given.

Verdict: Right decision.

Dermot says: “When you’re side-to-side, shoulder-to-shoulder fair enough. If a player gets in front you can’t do that [shove] but side-by-side that’s fine.”

Bournemouth 2-1 Everton

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FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from the Premier League clash between Bournemouth and Everton

Incident: Bournemouth’s Tyler Adams brought down Everton’s Dominic Calvert-Lewin in the box but no penalty was given.

Verdict: The referee saw the incident incorrectly – VAR should have stepped in

Dermot says: “If the referee gives a penalty there can’t be too many complaints. All I think is the referee thinks Calvert-Lewin trips himself but he does get kicked first. He would feed that back to the VAR. Is there enough contact? The thresholds… the vagary of VAR.”

Stephen Warnock says: “This is clearly a foul and they’ve obviously got it wrong. That’s a poor decision for me.”

Sue Smith says: “VAR need to say you need to have another look at that. Calvert-Lewin isn’t going to go down if he’s not fouled because he has a clear shot at goal.”

Chelsea 2-2 Burnley

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The Ref Watch panel discuss Lorenz Assignon’s sending off against Chelsea and why the referee’s decision was incorrect and caused further escalation from Vincent Kompany

Incident: Burnley went down to 10 when Lorenz Assignon brought down Mykhailo Mudryk. Darren England awarded a penalty and gave Assignon a second yellow.

Verdict: Incorrect decision. No penalty, no yellow card.

Dermot says: “I just cannot see how it’s a penalty. I talk about referees and how tough it is but I don’t know what’s made him think that’s a penalty. It’s not a penalty. 100 per cent. He then gives him a yellow card – I’m not sure what that’s for. It can’t be for denying a goalscoring opportunity because Mudryk is not in possession of the ball. You give a penalty that is wrong. A yellow card that’s wrong, which becomes a red card, so the player is sent off and he’s going to serve a one-match ban because there’s no appeal. It starts to ramp up because the manager is frustrated and upset by this and he gets a red card.”

Warnock says: “That’s one of the worst decisions of the season. It’s so easy. Where’s the strength of the VAR to step up and say ‘you got that wrong’.”

Rangers 3-1 Hibernian

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Dermot praised two VAR calls in quick succession during Rangers’ 3-1 win over Hibernian

Incident: In the Scottish Premiership a penalty to Rangers. Nectarios Triantis’ arm catches John Souttar and the referee points to the spot after the VAR check. Right call from the officials?

Verdict: Correct decision

Dermot says: “When I saw this I thought, really, really harsh. When it goes to the replay for VAR it’s absolutely right. Also a yellow card because a flailing arm catches him in the face. Credit to the VAR.”

Incident: The penalty was saved and Scott Wright’s follow-up was disallowed for encroachment. Right decision here?

Verdict: Correct decision

Dermot says: “If he had size-six boots rather than size eight he wouldn’t have encroached but it’s all about impact. Because he scores. It’s zero tolerance when you have VAR and he’s stepped over the line.”

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