Israel to open three routes for humanitarian aid into Gaza

Israel has announced it is opening three new routes for humanitarian deliveries into Gaza.
The Ashdod Port is set to temporarily reopen, while the Erez Crossing into northern parts of the Gaza Strip will be accessible for the first time since the Hamas attacks of October 7.

Israeli officials have also said they are planning to increase the amount of aid from Jordan moving through the Kerem Shalom crossing.
During a call on Thursday, US President Joe Biden had told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately let more trucks carrying humanitarian aid into Gaza, according to two US officials.
The deaths of seven aid workers earlier this week – including three British nationals – had led some charities to suspend their operations.

Israel Defence Forces is due to offer an update on their investigation into that airstrike later today.
According to The Times of Israel, the prime minister’s office said: “The increased aid will prevent a humanitarian crisis and is critical for ensuring the continuation of the fighting and achieving the war aims.”

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The US National Security Council has welcomed Israel’s plans to increase aid flowing into Gaza and said this was at Mr Biden’s request.
However, it is unclear when these humanitarian routes will open – with American officials calling for this to be “fully and rapidly implemented”.


Spokesperson Adrienne Watson warned: “US policy with respect to Gaza will be determined by our assessment of Israel’s immediate action on these and other steps, including steps to protect innocent civilians and the safety of aid workers.”
She also expressed hope that there will be a “significant increase in humanitarian assistance reaching civilians in dire need throughout Gaza over the coming days and weeks”.

Source : Sky News